How to sing Raags and how to improve Singing. The best 5 ways to improve your singing

Indian classical music takes a lot of efforts to sing and

specially sing very well. Here are 5 most helpful techniques you can use to sing better.

  1. Do not try very hard.
    One of the things most people forget while learning to sing is that learning to sing is more like going to gym and slowly building your muscles. In singing, you need the same strategy. You start first with easy singing and practicing the Alankaras and then slowly you grow your abilities to sing higher ranges. Trying extremely hard would put unnecessary pressure on your vocal chords and might result in physical damage to your throat. So give yourself time and practice in increasing levels of difficulties.

  2. Drink a little warm water before practicing
    Before you start practicing everyday, do not forget that keeping your throat wet and soft gives good results. Drinking warm water helps activating and soften the throat muscles making it easier to uplift your singing ranges.

  3. Practice different ranges
    When you started learning singing, very quickly try to figure out your higher range and lower range. After you have figured out your high and low range, always warm up in this range before you try to hit the ranges outside your own range. Often times, trying to sing the songs of singers whose voice matches your voice helps also.

  4. Master lower range of your voice before the higher
    After you know your singing ranges, it is relatively easier to increase the lower range of your singing as you don’t have the risk of hurting your throat while attempting the lower ranges. Pick some Alankaras where you have lower notes and practice them.

  5. Warm up (The most important)
    Always always always warm up before you start singing. Nothing can give better results then a well warmed up throat. There are warm up exercises in the other post which you can also use. But never forget to warm up before your singing.

Bonus Point:

Once I had my own performance for singing but before that there were other cultural events where I kept on cheering loudly. Which was very bad idea because by the time I was on the stage performing for my singing, my throat was already tired. This was a very bad situation where I somehow made it. But I felt very stupid afterwards.