Raag Desh, Desh: With Lakshan Geet, Notes and Bandhish with Download Pdf

Raga Des is a musical scale or mode in Indian classical music. It is a raga that is performed in both the Hindustani (North Indian) and Carnatic (South Indian) classical music traditions. However, it’s important to note that there are differences in the way ragas are approached and interpreted in these two traditions.

In Hindustani classical music, Raga Des is often associated with the evening hours. The scale of Raga Des may vary, but it typically includes the following swaras (notes): Sa, Re, Ma, Pa, and Dha in the ascending order (Arohana), and Dha, Pa, Ma, Re, Sa in the descending order (Avarohana). It is a pentatonic raga, meaning it uses a five-note scale. Raga Des is known for its evocative and emotional character.

Raag Saragam

ni sa re ma pa ni sa

sa ni dha pa dha ma ga re pa ma ga re ga ni sa

ma pa ni sa ra ni dha pa ma ga re,

Lakshan Geet #1

Guni Gaavat Raagini Desako,

Athi Madhura Madhur Dou Nishad Lai (antara)

Pa Ri Vaadi Samvaadi Sohat,

Chadhat Alpa Ga Dha Sab Kou Sammat,

Rain Din Jehi Gaavat jana (back to start)