Raag Gauri - Beauty from Guru Granth Sahib (Aroh, Avaroh, Pakad and Shabad)


Raag Gauri is an India musical raga that appears in the Sikh tradition from northern India and is part of the Sikh holy scripture called Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS.)

Every raga has a strict set of rules which govern the number of notes that can be used; which notes can be used; and their interplay that has to be adhered to for the composition of a tune.

In the Guru Granth Sahib, the Sikh holy Granth (book) there are a total of 31 raga compositions and this raga is the third raga to appear in the series.

Gauri is one of several ragas that appears in the Ragmala as a ragini (subset) of Sri Raag. This is an evening raga assigned to autumn and its mood is contemplative.

The composition in Gauri is very voluminous. Gauri was used by Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan and Guru Tegh Bahadur.

Several forms of Gauri Raag exist historically and this probably accounts for the large number of variants: Gauri Cheti, Gauri Bairagan, Gauri Dipaki, Gauri Purbi-Dipaki, Gauri Guareri, Gauri-Majh, Gauri Malava, Gauri Mala, Gauri Sorath, Gauri Dakhani.

Which Thaat does Raag Gauri belong To?
Bhairav Learn more about Thaats here

Which Swara is Vaadi (Prominent) Swara?
Re (Rishabh)

Which Swara is Samvaadi (Second most prominent) Swara?
Pa (Pancham)

Which Jaati does Raag Gauri belong to?
Sampurna-Sampurna Learn more about Jaati here

In which prahara is Raag Gauri sung?
Prahara 4 Learn more about Prahara here

Learn to Sing Raag Gauri

Sa Re- Ma Pa Ne SA

SA Ne Dha- Pa Ma Ga Re- Sa

Pakad - Identification of Raag
Ma Dha- Pa Dha- Ma Pa Ma Ga Re- Ga Re- Sa ne Sa Re- Ga Re- Sa

Oha parem piri.

Kanik maṇik gaj moṯīan lalan nah nah nahi.

Raj na bhag na hukam na saḏan.

Kichh kichh na chahi.

Charnan sarnan santan bandan.

Sukho sukh pahi.

Nanak tapat hari.

Mile parem piri.

Shabad translation in English
I seek the Love of my Beloved. Gold, jewels, giant pearls and rubies – I have no need for them. Imperial power, fortunes, royal command and mansions – I have no desire for these. The Sanctuary of the Lord’s Feet, and dedication to the Saints these bring me peace and pleasure. O Nanak, my burning fire has been put out, Obtaining the Love of the Beloved