Tabla - Indian Classical Drums

Tabla - Indian Drums | Real Sounds

Tabla – Indian Drums with Real Sounds, is the most important percussion instrument of Indian Classical music and it is played along with Sitar, Sarod and Harmonium as support Instruments. If you have always wondered and dreamt of learning to play Tabla, then this app has got you covered.

Unlike other Tabla Apps, this app gives you the experience of playing a real Tabla as it has real Tabla Sounds and provides various Tabla configurations for both Tabla drums (Syahi).

This app helps you practice Tabla anywhere and anytime while you are practicing your Bols/Taals or having fun with your friends. With Tabla – Indian Drums app, you can always give your fingers a go and show your talent.

As Tabla is a percussion instrument, it will definitely help you tune your ears to identify the beats and improve your sense of music. In Addition, with this app you can also practice various Thekas, Taals, Bols and Rhythms.

Tabla – Indian Drums with Real Sounds, gives you freedom to learn and improve your music skills and for a deeper understanding of various Ragas and Alankars you can also Download Raga Melody – Indian Classical Music or Harmonium - Real Sounds.

Supported Strokes – Ghe, Dha, Dhin, Ka or Kath on Bayan, Ta, Na, Te and Tun on Dayan

Supported Taals – Tintal, Jhoomra, Tilwada, Dhamar, Ektal, Jhaptal, Keherwa, Rupak, Dadra


Real Tabla Graphics
This app gives you the experience of Real Tabla by the realistic graphics of Tabla Heads which provide visual feedback of strokes. When you hit the Tabla head, it scales up.

Real Sounds
This Tabla app has real recorded sounds of Real Tabla strokes so that you get the real sense of how a Tabla sounds. Playing Tabla on this app, also prepares your ears for playing the real Tabla.

Sound Effects
You can also mix your Tabla playing with various sound effects. During the video lessons, you would learn how to include these sounds effects into your table strokes.

Play with Loops
You would definitely enjoy playing Tabla into a concert like setting, where other instruments are supporting you in your Tabla performance. Loops are exactly for that purpose. They give you a rhythm where you can practice your concert.

Video Lessons
To give you a jump start, this app brings to you some beginner to intermediate Tabla Lessons where you can practice basic strokes and some Taals as well.

Different Configurations
In order to play different strokes for different Taals and Thekas, this app allows you to configure which sounds are to be played when you stroke the Tabla head. You can configure the Syahi on both heads.